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Art of Bloom

Sample Box (20 elephants, postage included)

Sample Box (20 elephants, postage included)

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If you are a fan of our elephants then this is the perfect deal for you to top up your stash!

 In this box you'll get 20 random elephants with REDUCED postage, so you will only pay £22 instead of £24.19!!

 The elephants will be a mixture of our best sellers! You will get 20 individual scents, you will NOT get a duplicate scent within one order!

 We happily take suggestions, what scents or scent groups you do or don't like.

For example: I like fruity and fresh scents, no coconut or bakery please!

All our wax melts are made of our unique parasoy blend. They are strong and long lasting, CLP compliant and our company is fully insured. 

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