Summer Bloom

Summer Bloom

Expect the unexpected! 

These cute fruit shaped wax melts are our new additions to the Art of Bloom family.

Don't let them fool you!! 
They look pale and innocent but you will have a huge surprise when you melt them! 

One package contains all 4 shapes in the same scent but each shape has a different colour surprise inside them. 

The four shapes together hold approx 55-60g wax.

❗ Please use each shape accordingly to your wax burner. Some are pretty big and if you have a smaller burner it can overflow so cut whatever quantity you need. ❗

All our wax melts are vegan, animal cruelty free, natural 100% soy wax with maximum  fragrance load and for a bit of glamour we've added some glitter and colouring.

Have fun with these, I promise they won't disappoint you!