Luxury box with wax burner

Luxury box with wax burner

This gorgeous luxury wax melt box is a perfect present for anyone who loves lovely long lasting wax melts.

The box contains:

- 1 square ceramic burner

- 3 clamshell snap bars (50g each)

- 1 pack of Flower Bloom (approx 40g)

- 3 x 1oz pots (20g each)

- 8 Elephant wax melts (16g each)

- 3 unscented tea lights

- 1 bar of Lindt chocolate (may vary)

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All our wax melts are vegan, animal cruelty free, 100% soy wax with maximum fragrance load and for a bit of glamour we've added some glitter and colouring.

Our company is fully insured and CLP compliant!