Sultana tubbie

Sultana tubbie

This is a special offer as I want to discontinue Sultana, so this is a great opportunity to stock up on a budget!

Sultana scent description:

Inspired by Lush.

A rich dry fruit fragrance with raisins slightly sweetened by Jasmin, rose, apricot and peach, resting on a woody backdrop, enriched by aromatic notes of cedarwood and sultana.

This is a whopping 400g tub!!

As it is a custom order, you can choose the colour, glitter, topping or no toppings and first time ever you can choose your wax type as well!!!

You can choose from parasoy, 100% soy and pure 100% coconut wax!

Just leave everything in the note section at checkout or you can message me if you want more details like you want pink unicorn shapes on the top.

Everything is possible! 😁

So if you want to order this tub just leave in the note for example:

Purple toppings, pink bottom, coconut wax, blue glitter.

It is freshly made so please allow an extra 1-3 business day!

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