Open box

What is open box?

Open box is an option to place an order and leave it open. Your parcel WILL NOT be shipped until you close your box. This gives you an opportunity to not miss any special offer, new products,etc. 

How it works....

Place an order as usual but at checkout choose "Open box" as your shipping method. Do that every time when you want to add any item to your box. You will NOT pay any postage fee! When you are ready to close your box, select "Close box" at checkout and you will be charged a one off payment of £6.95. We use DPD for our Open box service and the price never changes so you don't have to worry about your parcel's weight. 


Payment is required each time you add an item to your box.

Your box will stay open for a maximum of 90 days. If you go over the 90 day period we will send you a reminder to close your box.

If you don't close your box after 3 reminders, your order will be cancelled, your items will be sent back to our stock and NO refund will be given.

If you open a box then you agree to these Terms & Conditions.