About Us

Hi, my name is Eva, I am the founder of Art of Bloom. 
It's all started with my best friend, who went through some hard time and because of the pandemic I couldn't visit her so I've sent her a lovely flower bouquet, that made her day better. Soon after my Mum's birthday came up and I wanted to surprise her as well. They have sent me a short video when she recieved my bouquet and that was the moment when Art of Boom was born. Seeing her face and her happiness made me realise that that's what I want to do...helping people to connect with each other. It became my absolute passion and I put all my heart into Art of Bloom through creating something new all the time or adding an extra touch, either in packaging or adding a little extra gift. Have a look around on my website and let me help you to connect you with your loved ones!

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